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  • Compact Laminate
  • MDF: Standard MDF, Moisture Resistant MDF, High Density MDF and Fire Resistant MDF cut to size.
  • Melamine Boards: Melamine faced MDF or particle board from all suppliers.
  • Veneered Boards: Veneered boards on MDF core – Tasmanian oak, American oak, and European beech are just a few of a large array of available veneers. Longer lead times may apply to veneered board as it is a made to order product.

  • High Gloss Boards: Gloss sprayed melamine faced boards, acrylic faced high gloss MDF and MR MDF boards cut to size in a range of colours.

Board and Benchtops Sydney specializes in providing wood-based panels and boards cut to size to the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

We offer a wide variety of board types, including Compact Laminate, MDF (Standard, Moisture Resistant, High Density, and Fire Resistant), Melamine Boards (MDF or particle board faced with melamine from all suppliers), and Veneered Boards (featuring Tasmanian oak, American oak, European beech, and many other available veneers). Please note that veneered boards are a made-to-order product and may have longer lead times.

We also provide High Gloss Boards, including gloss sprayed melamine faced boards, acrylic faced high gloss MDF, and MR MDF boards cut to size in a range of colours.

With our customer-focused approach and many years of experience working with a variety of boards, we are proud to offer our clients a board cutting service of exceptional quality. Our partnership with trade professionals ensures that we take all requirements into account, delivering a high-quality board cutting service that is on time and within budget.